Rescue Mafia LA founder Xander Larios has worked and volunteer at animal shelters , animal rescues, veterinary hospital as a technician assistant and kennel attendant as well as doggie daycares and pet hotels, animal transporter and now as an employee of an animal welfare organization,  11+ years of working with animals  he has experience and witness the sad truth of the big number of pets being surrendered to shelters by their families for different multiple reasons and he is heartbroken to see how many sweet and loving (all sizes, breeds, healthy, sick, puppies, seniors) dogs/cats are being euthanized due to overcrowding . Xander has been helping dogs/cats from being surrendered to shelters by placing them in foster homes until they get adopted or by helping families with any medical help for their pets or with any supplies they might need , making it his mission to help as many pets and their families as possible.


I made it my mission to help every pet that crosses my path by offering them love, a place to stay or a ride to their new future. I am the proud Dad of a 5 year old special needs domestic short haired cat ( Frank) he was rescued from the streets after being hit by a car and losing the feeling on his tail and part of his back but he is the best and happiest cat ever. I also have a 11 year old  Long haired Chihuahua ( Princess Ariel) who I rescued from a breeder when she was 3 months old, she is the princess of the house she is my heart. I try to foster as many pets as possible but most of time I try to foster bottle feeders kittens, Pit bulls and Chihuahuas, seniors or special needs fur kids just because I can’t  think about them being alone in shelters and not getting the love they deserve. – Xander Larios –


Rescue Mafia LA’s mission is to change the end of the story for every dog and cat in need we meet and to give them their fur-ever happy ending.

To educate people of the importance of spay and neuter and to help them understand the overpopulation at our shelters.

To help reduce the number of animals that are surrendered to the shelters by their families because they are having a hard time financially , we believe that every family deserves to keep their pets.

Rescue Mafia LA is a foster/volunteer rescue group we are based in Los Angeles CA, we help homeless people to keep their pets by offering free basic veterinarian services( vaccines, nail trimming, spay and neuter and microchipped)  (all thanks to your donations). We also help the pets who are red listed (next in line to be euthanized) in the shelters by finding them a foster home until we can find them a forever home. We try to help lower owner surrenders at shelters by offering different options to families (help with basic veterinary services, basic training, or helping them by rehoming their pets)